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We are Creating Interactive Mirrors

Interactive mirrors are an innovative space where you'll see much more than just your reflection. Mirror naturally draw attention and displayed content will be remembered for a long time.

Competition is getting more and more creative and clients more and more demanding, no matter what branch we are talking about. We created interactive mirrors with high-flying firms in mind. It will help you make it to the top!

Abyss Glass mirror


More than just a reflection

Have you ever wondered how mirror affects people? Research has shown that it draws the attention of about 99% of people being around it. With the surprise element of an interactive surface, you can be sure that this mirror will be noticeable.

How to use it?

There can be specially adjusted content displayed on the mirror, except for the traditional reflection. An interactive mirror is an innovative way to communicate with your client and it enables you to convey the message in an easy yet creative way.

Stand out!

It is really difficult to step out in an era of pervasive advertising. An interactive mirror is very effective alternative which is something completely new for most of us. Stand out by using the element of surprise and make your business unforgettable. It is now possible thanks to Abyss Glass mirror!

Apllications of ABYSS GLASS Mirrors

We create solutions tailored to your needs and the needs of your customers.
  • Cinemas/Theaters
  • Pubs/Clubs
  • Clothes Shops
  • Hairdressers

  • Communal areas/Architecture
  • Gyms


Abyss Glass

Cinema and theatre have always been captivating millions of people. They let you forget the reality for a moment. But it is no longer just a play or a movie we are planning to watch. Today it is an amazing experience that is present before and after the show. It is also a café visited by the viewers or popcorn bought by them and even contests they take part in.


Abyss Glass

If you are managing the club or pub, you need to be aware of the fact that clients are getting more and more demanding and, at the same time, your competitors are becoming more inventive. It is priority to keep your club marketable. Abyss Glass mirror will make your club distinctive. It will launch innovation, modernity and even the element of surprise. Abyss Glass mirror will be something different, something new that your clients will talk about and it will draw the attention of others.


Abyss Glass

Nowadays, a wide range of choice is not enough for shops to remain attractive and popular. Shops are trying to catch the interest of potential clients and encourage them to come regularly. Loyalty programs, sales, marketing actions or even developing staff’s competence is not enough. Sometimes it is inevitable to do something more innovative to beat the competition. That’s why we created an interactive Abyss Glass mirror.


Abyss Glass

It is extremely difficult for a hairdressing salon to stand out. Salons are offering discounts and promotions by advertising itself on many portals or by organizing events. You need to be different and more creative to beat the competition. You need new technologies! Visits at the hairdresser’s are rather pleasant experience for most of us. Unfortunately, not for everyone. The youngest clients are sometimes very fidgety which makes cutting their hair an impossible task. Kids sometimes treat this visit as an necessary evil they hate.


Abyss Glass

Running a hotel on a high standard is a big challenge. It is essential to be up to date with the latest trends in technology. Interactive mirrors, created with the HORECA branch in mind, will help you to beat the competition and, most importantly, they will intrigue new clients. Interactive Abyss Glass mirror gives you amazing possibilities. It will bring extra entertainment, making the communication with the client and the administration much easier. It will make clients want to visit your hotel again.

Communal areas/Architecture

Abyss Glass

These days communal areas are full of adverts that can be seen everywhere. Potential customer is no longer interested in this type of commercials. Ads are present everywhere so we just stop noticing them. So called banner blindness is the reason why the number of potential clients is rapidly decreasing. It is very difficult to create something really catchy in the face of banner blindness. Sometimes it is inevitable to use the latest technologies. That’s why we created Abyss Glass mirror, that will change the way of your thinking about commercials.


Abyss Glass

Petrol station is a place where we do something more than only fueling a car. People pull up to do the shopping, drink coffee, eat something or simply rest. That’s why selling extra services is a significant part of every petrol station’s income. Abyss Glass mirror was created to encourage your clients to use these additional offers. Interactive mirror is the combination of a traditional mirror with a high quality modern technology. People who look at themselves in it will not only see their own reflection but also a personalized marketing form like graphics, text or video. A built-in motion detector activates the mirror once someone approaches it. It will make this ‘wow’ effect instantly.


Abyss Glass

Healthy lifestyle is no longer just a temporary fantasy or fashion, it has become a significant part of our lives. We are becoming more self-aware, therefore, we want to nurse for our bodies and physical condition. Regular visits at the gym are becoming more and more popular and constitute an obligatory item on our everyday ‘to do’ list. We’d been inspired by these facts to such an extent that we created an interactive ‘smart mirror’ that functions as an innovative personal trainer and it is able to motivate us during our training.


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